Essential Scent was founded in 2011. Our business was originally launched selling ONLY designer branded perfumes, cosmetics and perfume related products. 

We introduced value for money perfumes to meet the needs of our everyday customers.
"Our customers, who love the smell of designer perfume but struggle to justify the price." 
After lots of customer trials, feedback and testing; we introduced the Milton Lloyd range alongside our designer range. Milton Lloyd is a British company and has been making perfumes since 1975.

We quickly realised that in the current climate our customers preferred to spend less on their luxury products and absolutely loved the  high quality of the Milton Lloyd range.
Embracing our customers buying habits means it made sense to focus on what our customers preferred to buy. We now mainly sell Milton Lloyd perfumes.  
We love that our customers are passionate about these perfumes because they are truly made up of a quality scent and at a fraction of the cost of a designer bottle.
"No advertising and no frills packaging means the price stays low!"
We do not operate any pyramid selling scheme or multi level marketing scheme which means you really do get it at the lowest retail price without any  commissions being added on. 
The scent sells itself. Why not buy a bottle today?