• Sue Williams

Are you a SMART person?

Do you really get what you pay for?

I like to class myself as a smart person. All my life my mantra has been "work smarter not harder"!

Having just returned from a recent trip and killing a bit of time in the airport waiting for my flight, I had the enjoyable experience of checking out the beautifully presented duty free perfumes and cosmetic displays.

I don't know about you, but I love those displays and sampling all that fabulous perfume for free. That's until I check out the prices! Don't get me wrong I could have easily have treated myself to a bottle with the left over euro's I had, but I simply can't see the value in paying in excess of 60 euros (and that's discounted) for a 50ml bottle of perfume.

When I say I am a SMART person, what I mean is, I love the luxuries in life but becoming a mum and having all the other monthly outgoings doesn't let my income stretch to the luxury of buying a designer brand name just because I think I am getting better quality. What I have learned over the years is that I can have exactly the same lifestyle by making SMART choices. Value to me is not spending more money to get quality products, but finding products for less money to get the same quality and experience.

Don't get me wrong. The designer brands deserve to charge a high price for branded perfume because they invest heavily on marketing and packaging, on top of the production of an excellent smelling perfume to compete fiercely in the competitive perfume industry. They have to stand out to make you buy, spending millions for celebrity endorsements of course they have a right to protect their reputation and brand they have built. If you don't mind paying for this experience then It is worth It.

However I found this little gem, and a massive money saver for me in Milton Lloyd perfumes. I have been wearing it for 6 years and become so passionate that it has become my main business. I love how my customers wear gorgeous perfume because they are genuine "VALUE" for money.You can get an expensive smell because whats in the bottle is quality fragrance. If you think about it you don't wear the bottle so who cares that the bottle doesn't look like a crystal glass. I get stopped in my tracks on a regular basis by men and women asking what I am wearing or telling me I am wearing there designer perfume because it smells similar. I am proud to tell them that it cost only £4 for a 50ml bottle. That's a saving of over £70 per bottle for a lot of customers. My customers are definitely SMART PEOPLE, same smell with extra money in their pockets. Check us out

Are you a Smart person? Tell us what your favourite smelling perfume is and we will recommend one that smells similar.

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