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Does Milton Lloyd perfume last?

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

The comments I often hear or questions I get frequently asked when selling Milton Lloyd perfumes is "Does this perfume last?","Is it good Quality?"

Well to answer this, YES it does last and yes it is good quality. It lasts as long as any other designer perfume you own. Most perfumes last around 4-6 hours before the wearer feels they need to re apply. People often re apply sooner because they can't smell their own perfume. But that's another blog post altogether about nose blindness which is next to write on my list.

I have been selling Milton Lloyd perfumes for 8 years now and offering these high quality perfumes and aftershaves at a very affordable price,which starts at only £4 for 50mls.

YES!! £4 a bottle! Its hard to believe that you can get a real quality perfume for this price and I understand the skepticism it may create because it is so very affordable. My customers are my toughest critics and I love all feedback but my business has only survived based on real customers being open minded and trying this out for themselves.

My returning customers have quickly established that the quality of the perfume is genuinely in the bottle and the cost is not inflated by network marketers, fancy packaging,celebrity endorsements or costly advertising campaigns.

I know retail therapy is a fabulous feeling and some people are happy to pay the price for a label because it makes them feel totally indulged. Its also important to some people the perception they give to others when making purchase choices and buying only designer branded goods. If you can afford it then why not?, but for many,budgeting is an every day occurrence. I wrote in a previous blog, designer brands need to charge higher prices as they invest heavily on the marketing of products, its not always because your paying for better quality?

I am and always have been passionate about value for money. I am very happy to pay designer prices for quality but I absolutely love it more when I come across a product that offers the same quality for less money.

This is the point in a customers buying journey I love, When their opinion of the perfume industry slightly alters and the realization that this perfume is just as good as an expensive bottle with the added benefit that they try a few more because they can afford to.

Now we have got the quality issue out of the way and to answer the questions again "Does this perfume last?", "Is it good Quality?"

Yes and Yes! Whether you have just spent £4 or £150 on a bottle of your signature scent. In this particular comparison, Milton Lloyd perfumes do offer high quality perfumes made with then finest ingredients. Quality should not be justified by the cost but consider overall reason for an inflated price maybe down to packaging and marketing. Give it a go if you havnt tried it already. If your an existing customer who is as passionate as I am about value for money. keep sharing this amazing product. But don’t just take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Purchase direct from

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