• Sue Williams

The Influence of scent

We go through life not being aware of the impact and importance of each smell we encounter. Whether its a bad smell or a pleasant one, the lasting memory it imprints on our minds is very powerful. It can immediately transport you back to a time and place like bringing back images as clear as looking at a photo. What we smell can instantly influence our mood,place,first impression of a business or individual.

As owner and founder of Essential Scent my passion is of course fragrance. How the emotional association and the power of smell makes people react and behave.

My 1st passion is my family. Working full time and being mum to a 17 year old and 3 year old, I am constantly reminded of how smells around us create memories for our family. Meal times are a big positive influencer in our house. The smell of home cooking and sitting around a family table to eat, sharing stories from our day is something very special which I hope my kids continue when they have families of their own.


When I wear my regular go to perfume, my 3 year old often says "mummy you smell lovely" and gives me a great big hug like he's drinking in the smell. If you gave him a selection of scarves to smell, I am confident he could pick mine out by the smell alone. So I know I am already imprinting smells that they will remember in the future.

Similarly my fond childhood smells are old spice which reminds me of my dad and rive gauge which my mum only wore on very special occasions. My very first designer perfume was Tresor by Lancome, and I am immediately transported to memories of my teenage years.

Have you ever took a minute to reflect on which smells give you fond memories?

What is your favourite smell and why?

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